I have had the privilege of working with David Silcock at Reculver Primary School as the junior IT Technician to David’s senior IT Manager. David is a delight to work with, having a jovial manner and disposition. I have been working with David for a year and a half as an apprentice IT Technician and have been trained by him over that period. David has generously taught me much about the school systems, network infrastructure, wireless systems, hardware and Windows 7 Pro, drawing on his vast experience gained over many years. He has been a key part of helping our ICT Co-Ordinator prepare the teaching curriculum for each school year.David is a conscientious person, often going above and beyond the call of duty to solve issues and complete work to ensure the smooth continuation of the education of the children. He has also willingly volunteers to run a very popular IT Club for our children in his lunch hour, which illustrates the passion and personal touch that David brings. He will be greatly missed from the school. Andrew Kent IT Technician
I have known David Silcock for three years. Whilst coordinating ICT at Reculver Primary School, I worked alongside David to ensure the smooth and effective running of ICT throughout the school. I always found David to be diligent and thorough with his work. He was keen, not only to work alongside adults within the school, but also with the children, running a popular ICT club on a Friday afternoon. Staff and children alike were always comfortable to approach David if they needed support and he was happy to help, providing effective support using his excellent subject knowledge. David is well versed with the duties of an ICT Technician and has well developed analytical and critical thinking skills, allowing him to get to the root of a problem and solve it efficiently. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact me for more details.

Helen Mount ICT Coordinator

I have known David for nine years and have been a colleague of his at Reculver CE Primary School. During this time, he has provided a supportive network for all teachers and staff across the school in ICT, and has given excellent guidance and tuition to all staff, with developing their computing skills and knowledge across the curriculum. David has always been extremely helpful and considerate to all staff and willingly goes out of his way, and in his own time, to help individual staff solve technical problems that may have arisen. He has demonstrated a wide knowledge and understanding of the needs of teaching staff within a school environment and is exceptionally helpful in his instructions to them. I highly recommend David for his skills, commitment and work ethics, and have known him to be a trustworthy, committed and highly reliable team player.

J A Humphreys Phase Leader/Class Teacher

David has worked as my colleague at Reculver C of E Primary School for approximately ten years. In my current role, on the Senior Leadership team as Inclusion Manager, I have found David to be an invaluable member of the staff. His knowledge is broad across the field of ICT and he is always willing to resolve any issues that arise for myself, my staff or for pupils. These can be large or small and have included PC / Net book hardware and software issues as well as networking and cabling issues. David has even shown willing to run a computing club at lunchtime which proved very popular with our pupils. He quickly adapted to their level of understanding and produced lessons appropriate to enable them to develop their computing skills. David has demonstrated that he has a good manner with suppliers and has been able to negotiate a good deal for the school on many occasions. David has always shown a particular interest in supporting the computing needs of our pupils with Special Educational Needs. Their needs are varied and David has supported them by assisting in the resourcing of appropriate hardware and software. This has included Interactive touch screen technology, iPads and appropriate educational Apps for our pupils with Down Syndrome as well as specialised Brailing equipment for our blind pupils. He has always been willing to find out about the latest technology and “gone that extra mile” to visit special Schools on my behalf to research the latest appropriate technology. I whole heartedly recommend him as a supportive and knowledgeable member of the team at Reculver and I will miss his advice as well as his sense of humour.Fiona Cunningham Inclusion Manager